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Two Russian Baltic Fleet Steregushchy-class Corvettes Conduct AAW & ASuW Missile Launches

Naval Forces News - Russia
Two Russian Baltic Fleet Steregushchy-class Corvettes Conduct AAW & ASuW Missile Launches
The Project 20380 (NATO reporting name: Steregushchy-class) Soobrazitelny and Stoiky corvettes have conducted antiship and air defense missile launches against sea targets in the Baltic as part of a tactical exercise, Baltic Fleet spokesman Roman Martov told TASS.
Project 20380 corvette russian navy
The Soobrazitelny corvette of the Russian Navy Baltic Fleet

"During the exercise, the Soobrazitelny and Stoiky corvettes delivered missile strikes against difficult sea targets simulating surface ships and cruise missiles," Martov said.

According to him, the ships used their Uran (SS-N-25 Switchblade) anti-surface and Redut surface-to-air missile systems at the same time.

"The missiles hit their targets. The launches took place in a heavy electronic countermeasures environment," the fleet spokesman noted.

The Project 20380 corvette is designed for the so-called green-water navy and is capable of fighting enemy surface combatants and submarines and providing fire support during amphibious assault operations. The ship has a total displacement of 2,220 tons, a length of 104 m, an endurance of 15 days and a complement of 99.

At present, there are four corvettes in the class in the Russian Navy’s inventory. The lead ship, the Steregushchy, was commissioned in 2008 and followed by the Soobrzaitelny, Boiky and Stoiky between 2011 and 2014. All of them are operated by the Baltic Fleet.

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