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Sweden Re-introducing Truck-Based RBS15 Coastal Defence Batteries

Naval Forces News - Sweden
Sweden Re-introducing Truck-Based RBS15 Coastal Defence Batteries
The Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) announced today that land-based coastal defence batteries are on their way back. By reintroducing them, the Swedish Navy will be able to launch Saab-made RBS15 anti-ship missiles from the country's coastlines against targets at sea at great distances.
RBS 15 anti ship missile SAAB Sweden The Swedish Navy test firing a RBS15 anti-ship missile from the re-introduced coastal battery
The coastal batteries will be deployed by the Swedish Navy. They are being re-created through the use of former decommissioned coastal missile batteries (launcher vehicles) as well as from missiles and launchers taken from decommissioned missile boats and corvettes.

The system is based on the RBS15 anti-ship missile, a missile already in use with the Swedish Navyand Air Force.
Swedish Armed Forces video
"The system has been tested in full-scale trials, where the RBS15 has been fired with good results and a coastal missile unit now takes part in the Navy's ongoing exercise Swenex 16, conducted in the waters between Södertörn and Västervik and around Gotland. This has been in good cooperation with FMV and Saab" said Defense Logistics Manager Thomas Engevall.

Swenex 16 is implemented on the basis of a "security operation" in a worsening external environment located on the Swedish east coast of central and local coordination with the Coast Guard, Maritime Administration, Police and others under the leadership of the Marine tactical commander.

About RBS15
The RBS-15 (Robotsystem 15) is a long-range fire-and-forget surface-to-surface and air-to-surface, anti-ship missile. The later version Mk3 (not used yet by Sweden but in use with the German and Polish navies) has the ability to attack land targets as well. Due to its high maneuverability, the long-range, all-weather capable, fire-and-forget RBS15 Mk3 missile can track targets in low-level flight directly above the water surface and fly around or over islands at distances up to and far beyond 200km. It is extremely resistant to electronic countermeasures and characterized by high robustness against air defence sites employing guided and tube weapons, for instance, by unexpected evasive maneuvers during terminal approach.