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Russian Navy to acquire 15 Project 23370 and 23370M boats

Search and rescue forces of the Russian Navy have received a series of projects 23370 and 23370M motor boats over the past five years. They were built at the JSC Kampo enterprise near Moscow as part of the shipbuilding program, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Today, the Russian Navy search and rescue forces are to receive 15 project 23370 and 23370M boats to extend their fleet.

Russian Navy to acquire 15 Project 23370 and 23370M boats Project 23370 Search and Rescue modular motor boat

"The serial production of another modification of the boat of this project has recently been launched in the interest of the Russian Navy to enable it to implement hydrographic tasks. The talk is about project 23370G hydrographic boats," the district said.

Project 23370 and 23370M boats are designed to carry out search and rescue operations at the home stations of the Russian Navy and in open roadsteads as well as in coastal areas to ensure dives to a depth of 45 meters. Project 23370M boats have been developed from project 23370 boats. They have a higher full speed, better sea worthiness and habitability conditions and an ability to deploy additional special personnel as well as an improved diving gear. The boats also have better fire-extinguishing equipment.

Upgraded motor boats have a larger water displacement (140 tons compared to 120 tons in the project 23370 modification); a larger overall length (24.2 m against 20m) and a higher maximum speed - up to 13 knots.

Project 23370M boats are equipped with an upgraded container diving gear, which consists of two removable container modules; a BKD-120T recompression chamber produced by the Tetris Pro joint stock company. The diving gear comprises the universal SVU-5-1 and SVU-5-2 diving outfits made by the Russian enterprise JSC Kampo. The boat can be equipped with a TV-guided unmanned underwater craft Marlin-350 and a hydraulic crane with a lifting capacity of up to three tons.

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