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December 2017 News - Naval Forces, Defense Industry, Navy Technology, Maritime Security

Davie Shipbuilding Delivered Interim AOR M/V Asterix to Royal Canadian Navy
MV Asterix interim AOR RCN Canada 1
Davie Shipbuilding delivered the M/V Asterix on December 1st 2017. A post on Chantier Davie's facebook page reads: A big thank you and well done to the expert shipbuilders at Davie who have delivered Canada’s next naval support ship (Asterix) in less than 2 years, on time and to budget. M/V Asterix is a former containership which arrived at Chantier Davie’s shipyard in Lévis for conversion into an Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) ship in October 2015. M/V Asterix is set to enter into service with the Royal Canadian Navy by the end of this year.

Thales & Cotecmar committed to develop Colombian defence capabilities at Expodefensa 2017
Thales and Cotecmar executives signining the cooperation agreement during Expodefensa
At Expodefensa 2017, the main defence exhibition in Colombia, Thales announces the renew partnership agreement with Cotecmar (Corporación de Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo de la Industria Naval Marítima y Fluvial) to strengthen cooperation with the Colombian defence industry.

QinetiQ emulates drone threat for Royal Canadian Navy
QTS Snyper target
QinetiQ Target Systems (QTS) has introduced a new service to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) by emulating the threat posed to large naval vessels by small multi-rotor drones.

Kh-31 air-to-surface missile added to Russian Navy MiG-29K/KUB weapons package
MiG 29K KUB Kh 31 Kh-31 missiles have been added to the set of armaments of Russian seaborne MiG-29K/KUB fighter jets. Various missile modifications can hit adversary warships and radars. Supersonic speed makes Kh-31 nearly invulnerable for air defense. One salvo by a wing of fighter jets can destroy or make inoperative a major warship, the Izvestia daily writes.

Video: U.S. Navy Second Zumwalt-Class Destroyer Michael Monsoor Started Sea Trials
USS Michael Monsoor DDG 1001 sea trials BIW
The second Zumwalt-class destroyer, the future USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001) sailed out of General Dynamics-Bath Iron Works shipyard in Bath, Maine, yesterday for its very first sea trials (called builder trials). The Zumwalt-class is the largest class of destroyers ever built for the U.S Navy. This initial builder sea trials will help check basic systems onboard.

Indian Navy hopes nuclear-powered attack submarine Chakra to be back in fleet soon
INS Chakra Indian navy Akula II SSN submarine nuclear powered
The Russian-made Project 971 nuclear-powered attack submarine Chakra (formerly known as the K-152 Nerpa submarine) leased to India’s Navy, which has suffered damage during its operation, will be made operational soon, The Pioneer newspaper reported with reference to Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba.

Japan Considering JSM & LRASM Next Gen Anti-Ship Missile Procurement
US Navy Destroyers USS Porter & USS Ross Launched Tomahawk Strikes Against Syria
According to a report by Fuji News Network (FNN)'s "Fuji TV" which aired today, the Japan Self-Defense Forces (Jieitai or JSDF) is considering the procurement of JASSM-ER (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile - Extended Range) long-range air-to-ground, precision standoff missiles as well as JSM (Joint Strike Missile) and LRASM (Long Range Anti Ship Missile) next generation anti-ship missiles.

NovAtel’s GPS Anti-Jam Technology Selected for Royal Navy’s Type 26 Frigate
Manufacture Begins for First of Royal Navy City class Type 26 Frigates - HMS Glasgow
NovAtel announced that its GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) has been selected for the United Kingdom’s Type 26 Frigates to meet a requirement as part of a protected navigation system. These vessels are 21st Century warships that will replace the Type 23 Frigate as the workhorse of the British Fleet, undertaking the Royal Navy's three core roles - warfighting, maritime security and international engagement - on the world stage.

Video: ECA Group’s Multi-Drone Coastal and Port Security Solution
Inspector USV MK2 ECA Group
A fleet of robots, controlled by one single software programme, monitoring our coastlines and protecting our ports...With this new coastal and port security solution presented by ECA Group, the future starts today.

Project 22350 Frigates Golovko & Isakov to get Russian Power Plants
Project 22350 Frigate Admiral Sergey Gorshkov Russian Navy
The Admiral Golovko and the Admiral Isakov frigates of project 22350 will be equipped with Russian-made power plants in the framework of the import replacement program, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said during a visit to the Severnaya verf (Northern Shipyard).

Navantia & GD Bath Iron Works teamed up for US Navy FFG(X) Future Frigate Program
Navantia alvaro de BazanUS Navy CSG
Navantia and General Dynamics Bath Iron Works have signed a teaming agreement to collaborate on the U.S. Navy’s next-generation FFG(X) Guided Missile Frigate. The partnership between Bath Iron Works, the designer and builder of some of the most advanced warships in the world, and Navantia, the world’s premier frigate designer, will provide the most capable and affordable light surface combatant for the US Navy.

CSC: Naval Group & Fincantieri propose a joint-offer based on the FREMM frigate design
The Government of Canada has declared its intention to acquire an existing and proven NATO warship design that could be readily modified to best meet the Royal Canadian Navy requirements. French and Italian world-class shipbuilders Naval Group and Fincantieri, with the strong support of both French and Italian governments, will combine their expertise and present to the Government of Canada an “off-the-shelf”, sea-proven solution based on the FREMM frigate design for the supply of 15 surface combatant ships to the Royal Canadian Navy.

RINA heading to Australia with Fincantieri
SEA5000 Fincantieri PACIFIC 2017
RINA, the certification,testing, inspection and consulting company,has been appointed by Fincantierias technical partner in the risk reduction and design study (RRDS) and prospect Classification Society for the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN’s) next generation frigates (SEA 5000 programme).

Poliment-Redut Issues Delay Delivery of 1st Project 22350 Gorshkov-class Frigate to Russian Navy
Project 22350 Frigate Admiral Sergey Gorshkov Russian Navy
The Russian Defense Ministry hopes the lead guided missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov of project 22350 will be handed over to the Navy in December, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said during a visit to the Severnaya verf (Northern Shipyard).

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