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Krylov Center presents concept corvette Briz at Army-2017

Naval Industry News - Russia
Krylov Center presents concept corvette Briz at Army-2017
The focus in the development of the advanced corvette Briz (Breeze) was placed on the optimization of the corvette’s seaworthiness, including through various ship stabilization means. As a result of the Krylov Center’s efforts, the corvette, with a very moderate displacement, carries extremely powerful weapons for this type of ships consisting of 24 universal vertical launchers for surface-to-surface missiles, as well as 16 vertical launchers for longer-range surface-to-air missiles (SAM) and 32 - for short-range SAMs, the Zvezda TV channel reported.
Briz Corvette Krylov center Army 2017 1Briz "2000 ton corvette" concept, presented by Krylov Center at Army-2017
Its artillery includes the 100mm A-190 turret mount, a pair of 30mm AK-630 six-barrel Gatling-type rapid-fire systems, and one Duet system with two similar turrets. To counter enemy submarines, the 324mm PAKET-NK torpedo tubes are mounted alongside. Detection of submarines is carried out by a sonar system with antennas housed in the bow bulb, under the keel and a towed array, and also with the help of the Ka-27 ASW helicopter, for storage of which there is a place in the superstructure for the hangar.
Briz Corvette Krylov center Army 2017 2Briz "2000 ton corvette" concept, presented by Krylov Center at Army-2017
Krylov Center spokesman Yuri Chervakov explained to the Zvezda TV channel that the "2000 ton corvette" is the latest development from a team of researchers. It continues the line of next generation strike surface ships, the most typical of which is the destroyer concept. Despite a marked difference in displacement (seven times), the corvette and destroyer share a common design, thus implementing an innovative approach to the design of future warships. Visually, they are distinguished by a distinctive "tower" form of the superstructure, other radar signature reduction measures, as well as by the special outlines of the underbody, which significantly (almost twice) reduce the wave-making resistance.
Briz Corvette Krylov center Army 2017 3Briz "2000 ton corvette" concept, presented by Krylov Center at Army-2017
Reduction in the resistance to movement makes it possible to increase the speed while maintaining the main parameters of the propulsion plant (which is relevant to the destroyer), or reduce the required power at a given speed (relevant to the corvette). In the latter case, it becomes possible to reduce the weight of engines, and, accordingly, increase ammunition load, provisions, etc. According to the Center, the "2,000 ton corvette" is another step towards further improving the configuration of the warships of this class.

The "2000 ton corvette" concept, presented at Army-2017, is designed to use a 32,000 hp CODAG propulsion plant, that is, with cruising diesel engines and gas-turbine boosters for "chase" at up to 30 knots.
Briz Corvette Krylov center Army 2017 4Briz "2000 ton corvette" concept, presented by Krylov Center at Army-2017
The Krylov Center’s specialists still have to make great efforts to ensure that the customer approves the proposed concept and gives the go-ahead for its further development. The need to immediately move the Briz to the preliminary design and then full-scale development stages is not so obvious. The matter is that earlier it was decided to build a large series of Project 20380 ships (up to thirty hulls). The military officials opted for supplementing the Baltic, Northern and Pacific Fleets with at least six corvettes of this type, which totals 24 ships.

Project 20380 is a corvette with a standard displacement of 1800 tons and a full load displacement of 2,200 tons, which is close to the corresponding figures for Briz. The latter is several meters longer, but a little narrower. The construction of the lead hull began at the turn of the century and the Steregushchy has been in service for almost ten years. Improvements were made to the basic design since its commissioning. The follow-on ships of the project featured reinforced air defense capabilities achieved through the replacement of the Kortik air defense missile/gun system with the Redut SAM system.
Briz Corvette Krylov center Army 2017 5Briz "2000 ton corvette" concept, presented by Krylov Center at Army-2017
Replacement of the Uran missile system with a more powerful Kalibr-NK will be the next step towards improving the basic version. The improved ships received designation Project 20385. The series of Project 20385 ships will consist of four hulls. Later, the new ships will be built to improved Project 20386.

Among the innovations introduced in the above project, is a superstructure of composite materials. It will be made using the vacuum infusion method. In short, Project 20380 proved to be suitable for continuous improvement and modernization, while Steregushchy started a large series of corvettes, the Zvezda TV channel recalls.

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