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French Navy Fleet of Rubis-class SSN Submarines Spent a Record 1000 Days at Sea in 2016

Naval Forces News - France
French Navy Fleet of Rubis-class SSN Submarines Spent a Record 1000 Days at Sea in 2016
On december 31st, 2016, the French Navy (Marine Nationale) Rubis-class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) Emeraude clocked the 1000th day at sea for the class in 2016. It is the first time that the Rubis-class fleet spent so many days on patrol in a single year (a 10% increase compared to other years).
Emeraude Rubis class SSN Submarine French NavyView inside the CIC of a Rubis-class SSN. Picture: French Navy
According to the French Navy, this is the result of strong operational requirements which called for the deployment of SSNs in all theaters of operations. This ability to deploy for a long time and on short notice is the result of the efforts of all those involved in the maintenance, support and implementation of these vessels: contractors, civilian and military sailors from the many units involved.

These 1000 days represent an average effort rate of nearly 85% for crews, which means they spend 85% of their time at sea once qualified as "operational".
Emeraude Rubis class SSN Submarine French Navy 2The Emeraude is the fourth (of six) Rubis-class Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarines (SSN) of the French Navy. Rubis-class SSN file picture: French Navy
In service since 1988, Emeraude is the 4th of 6 Rubis-class SSN. Multi-role platforms in constant evolution, the 6 SSN of the French Navy are essential to the safety and the support of French SSBN (ballistic missile subrines) operations and to the protection of a naval projection force (the carrier strike group). They pose a "permanent threat" to potential enemies because of their ability to quickly reach a theater of operations and remain there for a long time, discreetly or, if necessary, more ostensibly. In all these zones of operations, the SSN can collect intelligence, carry out special operations, and finally, if necessary, deploy its weapons: torpedoes, anti-ship missiles and mines.