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Thales Previewed its Force Multiplier Connected Mission Aircraft at Paris Air Show 2017

Naval Aviation News - France
Thales Previewed its Force Multiplier Connected Mission Aircraft at Paris Air Show 2017
At Paris Air Show 2017 held last week, Thales gave Navy Recognition a preview of the future multi-mission aircraft solution the French company is working on with PAL Aerospace: The Force Multiplier based on a Dash-8 Q 300 turboprop aircraft.
THALES Force Multiplier PAL PAS2017 1Artist impressions of the Thales PAL Aerospace Force Multiplier aircraft based on a Dash-8 Q 300 aircraft. Thales picture.
The Force Multiplier will be equipped with a SEARCHMASTER multirole radar and an AMASCOS multi-mission system. This aircraft has been specially designed by PAL and Thales to meet both the needs of maritime and ground surveillance. PAL Aerospace and Thales will be able to propose to government customers an operational service that meets their requirements through the acquisition of flight hours. The platform will also carry out flights demonstration to illustrate the high-performance of the multirole radar and the AMASCOS® multi-mission system in operational conditions.

When the Force Multiplier aircraft goes into service, the flight crew will be comprised with a PAL operating crew with over 40 years’ experience encompassing over 250,000 hours of airborne surveillance experience. The platform is currently being integrated and will be presented during the Dubai Airshow in November 2017. The Force Multiplier aircraft will be available to perform flight hours for customers in 2018.
THALES Force Multiplier PAL PAS2017 2TopEagle head-worn display system at Paris Air Show 2017. It greatly improves situational awarness and collaboration among crewmembers or friendly units.
At the Paris Airshow 2017, Thales was demonstrating what's to be expected with the Force Multiplier: A“One Thales” integrated comprehensive and transversal solution, based on the implementation of a military cockpit, a TopEagle head-worn display system, the AMASCOS® mission system operated with outstanding sensors (radar, optronics, acoustics…), tactical data links and a touch table representing the operation centre. These implementations increase the value of the Thales’s coherent offer and expertise in aerial operations, from nose to tail of the aircraft, and from air to ground. All these systems will be fitted aboard the Force Multiplier aircraft.

TopEagle is dedicated to military and missionized aircraft and helicopters. The solution is designed for pilots and crews in the cockpit or cargo areas, enabling them to fly safely and perform their missions efficiently, keeping their eyes out of the aircraft. It can be fully connected with the AMASCOS multi-mission system. In that case, pilots are able to designate a point of interest on the ground and send information to other crew members at the rear of the aircraft. This allows easy dialogue between crew members and with aircraft and mission systems.

The tactical situational awareness capacity operated thanks to the latest-generation sensors, the better cooperation between pilots and operators as well as data sharing are conditions and fundamental advantages for real-time decision-making and action driving.
THALES Force Multiplier PAL PAS2017 3Force Multiplier cockpit (with mission tablet on the foreground) on the Thales stand at Paris Air Show 2017.
About Searchmaster:
The SEARCHMASTER® multirole surveillance radar is the first radar in its category (under 80 kg) developed to meet the needs of both maritime and ground surveillance. It also provides excellent tactical air support in both of these environments. It uses active antenna (AESA) technology and is qualified to fly on all types of platform. The SEARCHMASTER® was selected in 2014 by the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) as part of the Atlantique 2 (ATL2) maritime patrol aircraft upgrade programme for the French Navy. Several international customers have also opted for this radar. The SEARCHMASTER® multirole radar has been in series production since March 2017.
THALES Force Multiplier PAL PAS2017 4Navy Recognition could experience a maritime patrol scenario with the Force Multiplier at the Thales stand during Paris Air Show 2017.
Scalable and adaptable, the AMASCOS® system offers extended multi-mission capabilities, covering both maritime and ground surveillance missions. AMASCOS® is the ideal solution in response to all Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) requirements. Designed by Thales and featuring the latest generation sensor suites, it is already in service with several national navies and air forces. The TopEagle helmet-mounted designation system produced by Thales may be offered as an option in order to provide pilots with "eyes-outside” functions enabling an enhanced, coherent vision of the mission data processed by the AMASCOS® system.