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Chinese Shipyard Launched the 28th Type 054A Frigate for the PLAN

Naval Forces News - China
Chinese Shipyard Launched the 28th Type 054A Frigate for the PLAN
Our colleagues from East Pendulum are reporting that the Huangpu Shipyard of the Chinese naval group CSSC launched a Type 054A frigate for People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or Chinese Navy) on September 22nd. This is the 14th frigate of this class (designated Jiangkai II-class by NATO) built in this shipyard, located near the city of Guangzhou in southern China, and the 28th overall in the series. The 27th Type 054A was launched less than 6 months ago, showing once again the fast pace of China's naval shipbuilding industry. Note that this new frigate is also the 3rd one to have been launched in 2017.
China 28th Type 054A Frigate for PLAN 2Launch of the 28th Type 054A Frigate for the PLAN.
Type 054A Frigate
The Type 054A is 140 meters long with a displacement of 4,000 tonnes full load. The ship has a range of over 4,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 18 knots.

Based on the Type 054 Frigates, the Type 054A incorporates a larger number of more-advanced indigenous systems. The first of class entered service with the PLAN in January 2008.

Type 054A Frigates are fitted with 32 VLS (Vertical Launch System) cells for HQ-16 surface to air missiles, 8x YJ-83 (export designation C-803) anti-ship missiles, a H/PJ-26 76mm main gun, two H/PJ12 seven-barreled 30mm CIWS guns (for frigates 1 to 16 in the series) or H/PJ11 eleven-barreled 30mm CIWS for new vessels starting with Huanggang (hull number 577) the seventeenth ship of the class. Two triple YU-7 torpedo launchers and anti-submarine rocket launchers are fitted for ASW warfare.

For the time being, it is the best anti-submarine anti-submarine platform for the Chinese Navy, with a full ASW suite including a hull sonar, a variable depth towed sonar, a sound control system and submarine communications, as well as torpedoes, ASROC Yu-8 and anti-submarine rockets.
China 28th Type 054A Frigate for PLAN 1Launch of the 28th Type 054A Frigate for the PLAN.
Since first ship of the class was commissioned in January 2008, the PLAN commissioned 25 Type 054A multi-mission frigates in just 9 years.

The relatively low operational (and through life support) cost, its versatility and comfort (which is reportedly very appreciated by PLAN sailors) make the Type 054A class the backbone of the PLAN blue water capabilities. The number of Type 054A to be delivered to the PLAN has been revised several times upwards, from 24 originally planned to at least 28 units today. This 28th unit is set to join the PLAN in the fall of 2018.

The new Type 054B class (fitted with a full electric propulsion system) is set to follow on.

China 28th Type 054A Frigate for PLAN 3The 1st of a new class of ocean going tug was commissioned in July (Photo: PLA Navy)
In parallel to the launch of this Type 054A frigate, the Huangpu shipyard also floated a 110-meter-long, 6,000 tons ocean going tug.

This is the third vessel in the class, the first of which has already been commissioned with the Northern Fleet on July 20th this year.