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Russian Navy Tanker Akademik Pashin Starts Sea Trials

The medium Akademik Pashin sea tanker of project 23130 began running trials in Lake Ladoga, Nevsky shipyard said.

Medium sea tanker of the project 23130 Academic Pashin started sea trialMedium sea tanker of the project 23130 «Academic Pashin» started sea trial

"The Akademik Pashin tanker is built for the Russian Defense Ministry. Spetsudoproekt designed the project," it said.

Project 23130 tanker is a steel single-deck ship with a bow bulb and pram stern. The displacement is 12 thousand tons, the length is 130 meters. The speed is 16 knots and the range is 8 thousand nautical miles. The tanker is designed to carry and store liquid cargoes, including diesel fuel and air kerosene, as well as dry cargo, such as food and materiel. The construction contract was signed in November 2013 and the lead Akademik Pashin was laid in April 2014. Project 23130 ships can supply major warship formations and aircraft carrying groups.

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