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KADEX 2018: UAC Showcased Maritime Patrol Variant of Il-114

Russia's United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has unveiled the Ilyushin Il-114MP maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) based on the Il-114-300 airlifter during KADEX 2018 defense exhibition in Kazakhstan.

KADEX 2018 UAC Showcased Maritime Patrol Variant of Il 114 Il-114 MP scale model unveiled at KADEX 2018

The Il-114MP has a take-off weight of 26,000 kg and features six-strong crew, including two pilots and four operators. The aircraft patrols an area with a radius of 300 km at an altitude of up to 8,000 m during 12 hours. The MPA is powered by two Klimov TV7-117ST turboprop engines with a power output of 3,000 hp each. The Il-114MP has a practical flight range of 4,500 km. The aircraft requires 950 m to take off and 530 m to land.

Il 114MP MPA Russia ASWArtist impression of Il-114 MPA. Screencapture from Radio MMS video.

The Il-114MP can be fitted with the Kasatka-S search-and-targeting system, which comprises an information management subsystem, a multipurpose radar with an active electronically scanned array, a radio sonar subsystem, a magnetometer, and an optical-electronic turret with a thermal imager, a TV channel, and a laser rangefinder. The system allows carrying of two Kh-35E anti-ship missiles and a GSh-23-2 23 mm automatic cannon. An Il-114MP MPA fitted with the Kasatka-S can detect a target at a distance of 120 km.

A source from the Russian defence industry said the Kasatka system had been intensively tested in various regions of Russia, including the Arctic.

Radio MMS video

At the MAKS 2015 international aerospace show, the Saint Petersburg-based Radar MMS company unveiled the Il-114LL (LL for ‘flying laboratory’) aircraft fitted with the Kasatka-S system. Radar MMS has developed several variants of the Kasatka for various air platforms, including light and medium utility helicopters (Kasatka-V and Kasatka-VB, respectively), medium and heavy MPAs (Kasatka-S and Kasatka-SB), unmanned aerial vehicles (Kasatka-BP), and aerostats (Kasatka-A).

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