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Repairs to Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier to Cost 1 Million USD

The Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier of project 11435 received 52 damages in the floating dock accident on October 30. The cost of removing them will amount to almost 70 million rubles (1 million U.S. Dollars), Alexei Rakhmanov, the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation , told TASS.

Repairs to Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier to Cost 1 Million USD The collapsed dock crane at the stern of Admiral Kuznetsov following the accident on 10.30.2018 involving floating dock PD-50. The carrier is moored at the berth of the branch "35 SRZ" of JSC "Center of ship repair" Zvezdochka "in Murmansk, Picture taken on 11/04/2018 by Maxim Zharavin

"The commission has counted 52 damages. The aggregate cost of restoration works is about 70 million rubles. They can be classified as minor damages within the framework of a budget allocated for the modernization of the Admiral Kuznetsov," he explained. "We have not discovered anything which could extend the deadline for repairs or cannot be restored. The repair works are due to be over by late 2020. Accordingly, the trials will begin in 2021. We plan to hand the ship over to the Navy in mid-2021," the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation said.

The Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier was damaged on October 30 while being launched when the PD-50 floating dock sank. A crane mounted on the dock’s wall fell on the Admiral Kuznetsov’s deck. The aircraft carrier is undergoing repairs at ship repairs plant No.35.

The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier of project 11435 is designated to win supremacy at sea and in the air to promote sustainability of the naval forces, strike at adversary positions, and support landing operations. The warship became operational in 1990. Its full displacement is 58 thousand tons and the length is 304.5 meters. Full speed power is 200000HP and the speed is close to 30 knots. Besides an air wing of 24-26 aircraft and 12 helicopters, the Admiral Kuznetsov is armed with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles. It has a skijump and 2 aircraft elevators to facilitate the operations of the aviation. The crew of the carrier comprises 1300 men and the personnel of the air wing is 660 people.

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