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Germany to provide Israel 3 Dolphin-class submarines

The German government has recently given the go-ahead for another batch of three Dolphins more for Israel. These new submarines should be ready just as the three first-generation boats are aging out, ensuring that Israel has a fleet of six submarines available for the foreseeable future. These 3 additional submarines will cost 2 billion euros to the Israeli government.

Germany to provide Israel 3 Dolphin class submarines more Dophin II submarine (Picture source : Military Edge)

This second set of Dolphin-class submarines, Dolphin II, was ordered in the mid-2000s and are pretty much the same as the previous ones acquired by Israel. However, they have been equipped with an additional thirty-six-foot-long plug in the hull to accomodate an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system, allowing the submarine to operate submerged for much longer periods than before.

The most survivable arm of the nuclear triad is typically the sea-based one, consisting of nuclear-armed submarines, and the Israeli submarines could be nuclear... Submarines can disappear for weeks or even months, taking up a highly classified patrol route while waiting for orders to launch their missiles. This so-called “second-strike capability” is built on the principle of nuclear deterrence and ensures potential enemies (Iran appearing to be the main threat for Israel) will think twice before attacking, knowing Israel’s submarines will be available to carry out revenge attacks. Israel’s sea-based nuclear deterrent is thus to remain in place for a while, to counter the increasing threat that is reprenseting the development of a nuclear power in Iran.