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Balt Military Expo 2018: Naval Group showcasing its latest innovations

At Balt Military Expo 2018, the naval defense exhibition currently held in Gdansk, Poland, France's Naval Group is showcasing its proposition for the ORKA submarine program and its state-of-art innovations created for modern navies.

Balt Military Expo 2018 Naval Group showcasing its latest innovations 1Naval Group's stand at Balt Military Expo 2018

ORKA Program
The Scorpène® class submarine presented at BME 2018 and offered in the Orka program is NATO’s most powerful conventional submarine thanks to a sea-proven platform fitted with combat capacities equivalent to those of the French Barracuda submarines.

It includes a sovereign deep strike capability provided by the combat-proven Naval Cruise Missile from MBDA – only integrated in the French solution thanks to an exclusive partnership – and a tactical fire power with the SM39 missile from MBDA and the F21 HWT from Naval Group.
The Scorpène® offers a long range submerged endurance thanks to the last generation fuel cell AIP system and acoustic superiority against today’s and future threat. Its maneuverability performances in the Baltic Sea are guaranteed by its X rudders.

Our video coverage on Naval Group's Scorpene at Balt Military Expo 2018

Naval Group and PGZ cooperation agreement
Through the Orka program, the Polish authorities wish to enhance their national defence and shipbuilding capabilities.
Naval Group is committed to support this effort and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with PGZ in November 2017 to do so.
More than 100 Polish companies will be involved in Naval Group’s proposition for the Orka project. They will also join Naval Group’s worldwide supply-chain, therefore getting even more new opportunities. It will generate 2,000 jobs in Poland over a period of 15 years. The knowledge shared by Naval Group will enable the Polish naval industry to undertake more complex and high-added value projects, securing employment on the long term.

Anti-submarine warfare (ASW)
The CANTO®-S represents a breakthrough in the field of anti-torpedo defence. Based on dilution/confusion concept, it is the only solution capable of protecting submarines against both the most advanced and the previous generation torpedoes.

Balt Military Expo 2018 Naval Group showcasing its latest innovations 3Gowind corvette scale model

Surface Ships
The Gowind® 2500 is Naval Group’s response to 21st century defence and security challenges. The platform is sea-proven and combines unrivalled stealth features, resilience and high availability with outstanding anti-air (AW), anti-surface (ASuW) and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) performance thanks to the MU90 and to the CANTO®-V.

The Gowind® 2500 is operated with the SETIS®. This state-of-the-art combat is combat-proven on the French Navy’s FREMM frigates and interoperable with NATO systems. It provides the operator with the best management and decision-making aids, ensuring the Gowind® 2500 supremacy over conventional and asymmetric threats.

The first Gowind® 2500 corvette was built on the Naval Group site in Lorient, France, one of the most modern naval shipyards in Europe. And it is noticeable that nine of the 10 Gowind® vessels contracted successively with Malaysia and Egypt are to be built in Egypt and Malaysia, on the basis of technology transfer successfully performed by Naval Group.

Balt Military Expo 2018 Naval Group showcasing its latest innovations 2Scorpene submarine and naval cruise missile scale models