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DIMDEX 2018: MBDA on board Italian Navy FREMM Margottini

MBDA has a long-lasting consolidated cooperation with the Italian Navy to whom has supplied over the years: air defence systems and anti-air/antiship missiles. The Italian Navy FREMM units are equipped with the SAAM-ESD (Surface Anti-Air Missile – Extended Self Defence) air defence system based on Aster missiles and the Teseo MK2A/Otomat long range ship-borne anti-ship missile system. Also the NH90 NFH and AW101 helicopters on board the FREMM can be equipped with the helicopter version of the anti-ship missile of the Marte family.

MBDA on board Italian Navy FREMM Margottini 1 The Italian Navy’s FREMM Frigate “Carlo Margottini”, (pictured here at DIMDEX 2018) is fitted with both Aster 15 and Aster 30

Aster: faster, higher, agiler for air & missile defence
Aster missiles form the cornerstone of Europe’s naval (as well as land) based air defence programmes. The Aster missile family comprises Aster 15 for very short to medium range and Aster 30 for short to long range: a lightweight, highly manoeuvring and agile missile equipped with a high-performance active RF seeker.

Thanks to the unique combination of aerodynamic control and direct thrust vector control (PIF-PAF), the missile is capable of “high g” manoeuvres. Together, these features give Aster an unmatched hit-to-kill capability. Aster missiles provide ships with an all-round anti-missile and anti-air capability to ensure self-defence, consort protection and long range interception capability for area defence, with possibility to extend to ATBM protection.

Aster missiles are in service on the latest vessels brought into service by three of Europe’s major navies and with several other navies around the world. On board FREMM Margottini, 16 cells are installed to launch both Aster 15 and Aster 30 missiles.

Missile characteristics ASTER 15 / ASTER 30:
• Weight: 310 kg / 450 kg
• Length: 4.2 m / 4.9 m
• Diameter: 180 mm / 180 mm
• Maximum speed: Mach 3 / Mach 4.5
• Range: In excess of 30 km / In excess of 120 km
• Altitude: 13 km / Altitude: 20 km


MBDA on board Italian Navy FREMM Margottini 2 The Italian Navy’s FREMM Frigate “Carlo Margottini”, (pictured here at DIMDEX 2018) is fitted with Teseo MK2A antiship missiles.

Teseo MK2A: long range ship-borne anti-ship missile system
Teseo provides improved performance in terms of OTHT (Over The Horizon Targeting) and operations in complex naval scenarios. It is capable of ranges in excess of 180 km in all directions. Target data is derived from the ship’s Command System or taken directly from the ship’s surface search radar. Mission Planning allows the selection of different firing modes (such as Fire and Forget or midcourse guided) and of specific trajectories and evasive manoeuvres. Mid course re-vectoring from a co-operating ship or helicopter is also possible.

The excellent capabilities of the missile (short reaction time, Fire and Forget, INS/GPS navigation, high target selection, ECCM and anti-CIWS manoeuvres, warhead lethality with no collateral damage) allow the system to operate effectively in littoral warfare environments, as well as in blue waters. The system is in service in 12 countries worldwide, with ships of different class from hydrofoils up to destroyers and aircraft carriers.

On board the FREMM Margottini there are 2 ramps with 2 missiles each.
Missile characteristics:
• Weight: 780 kg
• Length: less than 6 m
• Speed: high subsonic

MBDA on board Italian Navy FREMM Margottini 3 MARTE ER on MBDA stand DIMDEX 2018

Marte ER: The newest member of a successful family of antiship missiles
Marte ER represents the 3rd generation within the Marte family of missile systems and is derived
from Marte MK2/S. The main difference between the two lies in the introduction of a turbo engine in
place of the rocket motor. The Marte MK2/S medium-range anti-ship weapon system belongs to the
Marte MK2 missile system family and is designed to be used on fast jets and new-generation naval
versions of European AW101 and NH90 helicopters for operation against naval targets. Marte ER’s
design takes into account that Marte MK2/S is already qualified and installed on these two platforms,
offering advantages such as same mechanical, functional & electrical helicopter interfaces; same
logistic support and no platform hardware changes required.

Missile characteristics:
• Weight: 315 kg
• Length: 3.60 m
• Max body diameter: 316 mm
• Range: well beyond 100 km
• Speed: High subsonic