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NAVDEX 2019 : Naval Group showcased new technologies

Naval Group is showcasing its latest products and technologies at IDEX/NAVDEX, UAE. Among those, people can discover the Gowind, the Belharra, the SMX 31, and some Training and Simulation innovative solutions.

NAVDEX 2019 Naval Group showcased new technologies 001 A miniature of the Gowind at IDEX 2019, UAE (Picture source : Navy Recognition)

Gowind®: a sea-proven international success Gowind® is Naval Group’s response to 21st century defence and security challenges. The platform combines high survivability characteristics with outstanding anti-air (AAW), anti-surface (ASW) and anti-submarine (ASuW) warfare performances thanks to the MU90 and to the CANTO®-V. The MU90 is the sole totally new lightweight torpedo in the world. Designed and built with the most advanced technology, it is capable to counter any type of nuclear or conventional submarine even acoustically coated, deep diving, fast evasive, deploying anti-torpedo effectors or bottomed in littoral areas. The CANTO®-V represents a breakthrough in the field of antitorpedo defence. Based on dilution/confusion concept, it is the only solution capable of protecting surface vessels against both the most advanced and the previous generation torpedoes. The Gowind® is operated with the SETIS®. This state-of-the-art combat is combat-proven on the French Navy’s FREMM frigates and interoperable with NATO systems. It provides the operator with the best management and decision-making aids, ensuring the Gowind® supremacy over conventional and asymmetric threats. Nine of the ten Gowind® vessels contracted are being built with foreign partners in Malaysia and Egypt. The first Gowind® built in Egypt was launched on September 6, 2018.

NAVDEX 2019 Naval Group showcased new technologies 002 A miniature of the Belharra at IDEX 2019, UAE (Picture source : Navy Recognition)

BELHARRA®: the digital multi-mission combatant Belharra® is the answer from Naval Group to navies looking for a compact frigate to perform a large range of missions, stand-alone or within a task force, for high sea duration missions or for shallow water operation in congested and contested operational environment. Belharra® benefits from Naval Group centuries of experience ensuring unmatched stealth and outstanding detection capabilities. It features a robust platform, resilient systems and recoverability features that will enable it to retain operational capability following damage. This new frigate features high level capabilities in anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine, and asymmetric warfare domains as well as the access to deep strike capability. Its original design features consider the fast pace of change of information technology and the ongoing need for technical upgrades. It is also the first frigate to include architecture and systems to counter next-generation threats, such as cyber and asymmetrical warfare. In April 2017, the French Defence Ministry awarded a contract to Naval Group for the construction of five Belharra® frigates for the French Navy. The first of class of this powerful multi-mission surface combatant is to be delivered in 2023.

NAVDEX 2019 Naval Group showcased new technologies 003 A miniature of the SMX 31 at IDEX 2019, UAE (Picture source : Navy Recognition)

SMX® 31: “the electric” is a showcase of developments Naval Group is studying for the next generation submarine. This resolutely digital submarine, designed to operate in a highly demanding environment, will carry out information gathering missions and will be more than ever capable of forceful actions that will result, either by using adapted weapons, or by "special" action modes (disruptive action modes adapted to different situations). SMX® 31 is fitted with significantly increased energy power which allows remaining submerged, stealth and manoeuvring during very extended periods. The whole combat system and platform management system is fully integrated. It’s taken benefit of the latest developments in terms of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a perfect hydrodynamic shape (inspired by biomimicry), specially designed for stealth versus active acoustic means, SMX® 31 is totally undetectable.

Naval Group’s offer in Training and Simulation is part of its sovereignty enabling activities and services, drawn from unrivalled experience acquired together with the French Navy, and its international customers and partners. Embracing operation, maintenance and industrial simulation and training, this offer is composed of progressive and customised programs, during every stage of ship’s life cycle, from a basic familiarisation and overview to on board training. Naval Group’s “Ship inside concept” aims to train through an innovative and immersive 3D scenario, adapted to each pedagogical process and the necessary attractiveness for the new generations.