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ECA Group
AUVs, USVs, UUVs, ASW, Training, Simulation, Mine Warfare
The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Ever since 1936 it has been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments.

Its products are used by a demanding international clientele requiring the highest levels of safety and efficiency, mainly in the sectors of defence, maritime, aerospace, simulation, energy and industrial equipment.

The Group has always been at the forefront of innovation ever since it was founded in 1936. It has built up the trust of its customers around the world thanks to the reliability and performance of its solutions, at minimum cost. Right now, our R&T teams are imagining robotics systems for the year 2020, to meet our customers' needs even more effectively.
The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Ever since 1936 it has been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments.
Business Area
- Underwater Mine Warfare
- Rapid Environment Assessment (REA)
- Search & Rescue
- Anti-Submarine Warfare
- Intelligence
- Surveillance & Protection
- Submarine Systems & Equipment
- Surface Vessels Systems & Equipment
- Training & Simulation
- Acoustic & Magnetic Signatures Management
- Ship Husbandry

In the Naval Forces domain ECA Group offers a wide range of innovative solutions that will meet tomorrow’s naval challenges. Using cutting edge technology ECA Group delivers effective interoperable systems, training simulators, and specialist equipment. These greatly enhance capability and performance of naval forces in the most complex and challenging of environments.

For today’s Naval Forces ECA Group offers a wide range of innovative and specialist solutions. Using state of the art technology ECA Group delivers effective systems and equipment that enhance capability and performance in the most complex of environments.

In the area of underwater Mine Warfare the challenge is to keep the man out of the minefield. ECA Group offers mission driven interoperable systems capable of tackling the most demanding Mine Warfare missions. A widely acclaimed pioneer in this field ECA Group’s highly skilled personnel have considerable experience in underwater robotic technology and offer innovative automated systems. ECA Group’s advanced underwater Mine Warfare systems can detect classify locate identify and destroy the underwater threat. Deployed either stand alone or from manned and unmanned platforms they can carry a broad range of payloads, provide complete sensor choice and benefit from common operating systems and training.

For Naval Forces the collection of time-critical information is a vital necessity. ECA Group’s automated systems avoid labour intensive dedicated overt platforms and provide a covert Rapid Environmental Assessment collection facility. In today’s threat environment interoperability is essential. ECA Group’s systems are integrated and allow interoperation with ECA Group’s surface and aerial unmanned components, providing rapid three dimensional representation of the maritime theatre of operations.

Search and Rescue systems provide an exceptional capability. With no limitation on endurance or depth ECA Group’s remotely operated unmanned systems are able to operate in all environments providing a rapid effective investigation and search capability.

This technology is also used in the field of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance. These operations are by nature covert and are greatly improved by the use of autonomous systems.

In addition to supplying robotic systems, ECA Group supplies a number of Systems & Equipment for Submarines as well as Surface Ships. These range from platform management to command and control systems and propulsion and energy systems.

Another key element of the Naval Forces area is simulation training and an essential part of ECA Group’s armoury. Safe, reliable and cost effective, ECA Group offers innovative simulation solutions that are mission specific and individually designed to meet the exacting needs of the customer. From Mine Warfare Data Management training to Surface Ship and Submarine Tactical simulation ECA Group offers many options. These can be single system for individual training to team trainers to the more complex multi-platform simulators.

Underwater acoustic and electromagnetic signatures expose naval forces to the threat of detection, classification and localisation. There is therefore a need for signature management systems to reduce the risk. ECA Group’s modular ranging systems have been developed to meet the MCM and ASW requirements. These include magnetic signature reduction systems and multi-influence ranges. ECA Group’s unmanned systems are also prominent in the provision of Ship Husbandry fulfilling inspection and maintenance tasks.

With a global reputation for effective and reliable systems, and the provision of first class customer support, ECA Group enjoys a strong presence in the Naval Forces area. By offering innovative solutions that meet today’s current challenges ECA Group is very well placed to capture the capability requirements of the future.
ECA Group
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ECA Group has a full range of AUVs, spanning from the most compact A9 to the largest versions A27 and ALISTAR3000. They all share the same IT architecture, autonomous software and supervision interface.

The A9 range is a recent line of small AUVs of between 50kg and 120kg. Available since the end of 2012, they can be put into operation by two people without any particular method of launching the vehicle. The French Navy has been equipped with an A9 AUV since 2013. Three other countries purchased one in 2014. They are well suited to coastal and harbour surveillance.

The A9-M is the configuration of ECA Group A9 man portable Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV, dedicated to military applications. The vehicle has been designed to meet STANAG 1364 requirement: its acoustic and magnetic signatures are minimized in order not to trigger any underwater mines when doing the mine warfare survey. Its main function is Mine Like Objects detection and even classification depending on environmental conditions and seabed type in particular.
The new A18 range comprises robots of 350kg to 650kg that can operate at depths of up to 3,000 metres. They represent ECA Group's new mid-range AUVs. The A18 is sufficiently effective for our key customers' requirements. They can be deployed from a light naval platform from 12m, using different launching and retrieval systems also offered by ECA.

The A18-M is the military configuration of ECA Group A18 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV, family. STANAG 1364 compliant, it is dedicated to underwater mine warfare. This system can be delivered with a LARS allowing automatic underwater recovery. Data post processing can be made with Triton Imaging applications. It performs autonomous mission up to 300 m depth with 21h endurance, and is easy transportable by plane for overseas missions.
The A27 and ALISTAR3000 AUVs are the ECA Group's standard range. Developed between 2003 and 2013, they have substantial dive endurance (more than 30 hours) and great sensor-carrying capacity. They can be used in the most demanding operations. The French Navy uses the A27 AUV for hydrography and long-range underwater surveillance operations.

- The A27-M is the configuration of ECA Group A27 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, AUV, family for military applications. This flexible platform is capable of carrying out missions inthe following domains:
- Mine Counter Measure (detection and classification phases)
- Sea floor survey (wreck and obstruction identification)
- Shipwreck or crashed underwater aircraft localisation (sonar and video imaging)
This system can be delivered with a LARS allowing automatic underwater recovery and Triton Imaging applications for data post processing.
ALISTAR 3000 is the right solution for the challenging deepwater survey and inspection operations. This long endurance and highly efficient power solution Autonomous Underwater Vehicle , AUV, is a modular system capable of carrying out multiple accurate sensors. These provide operators greater flexibility and overall faster operations. Easy to deploy and operate from various ships make these AUV's ideal choices.
K-STER C vehicle is a light weight expendable mine disposal vehicle dedicated to mine warfare. It is fitted with a shape charge in a tiltable head to aim at the target to dispose of. Its unique architecture ensures second to none performances in terms of hovering capability and stability in turbulent water. User friendly command and control software offers auto piloting functions.
PAP MK6 is a self-propelled ROV dedicated to mine warfare with a high carrying capacity (NATO Mine Disposal Charge, Cutter). A robust and reliable design with high powered propulsion enables to manoeuver in strong current and to withstand harsh environmental conditions. User friendly command and control software offers auto piloting functions.
Seascan MK2 is a light weight self-propelled ROV dedicated to inspection missions. Its unique architecture ensures second to none performances in terms of hovering capability and stability in turbulent water. Easy to deploy from any kind of platform, the user friendly command and control software offers auto piloting functions to improve mission efficiency.
The ECA Group Hytec™ H300-INS, Observation Class ROV system for the intervention up to 300m depth. Modular and easily configured according to your needs thanks to a wide range of sonar, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensors.
The ECA Group Hytec™ H800-INS, Observation Class ROV and light duty work system for subsea observation, inspection and surveillance in strong currents and up to 1000m depth. Modular and easily configured according to your needs thanks to a wide range of sonar, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensors.
Mine countermeasure operations, whether conducted with surface ship, USV, or AUV require efficient, rapid, error-free detection and identification of underwater mine-like objects from sidescan imagery. Triton MCM-Suite is a comprehensive software package with all the tools required to perform these functions. Rapid data review and target acquisition can be performed manually on the waterfall display; on the high-resolution mosaics displayed with other geo-registered mission data; or by the CAD module. Advanced, semi-automated target enhancement, analysis, measurement, classification, and reporting tools are provided.
ECA Group provides its customers with both comprehensive USVs and sub-systems to be installed on their own platforms. ECA Group's USVs include a wide variety of transponders and specialized mission management software, which gives them great flexibility of use with operators working in complete safety.

The USV Inspector MK2 is a multipurpose drone platform based on hydrojet propulsion, able to be operated in autonomous mode, remoted control or onboard steering. Its performances and its accuracy make it efficient in protection missions, reccurent operations, mine warefare activities and Rapid Environment Assessment. Its open design permits to deploy a large range of payloads.
Training Simulation
ECA Group’s simulation solutions are designed for extremely high level realism, real time feedback and immersive feeling that allow to train operators, officers and Commanding Officers in every basic or complex operation.
ASW Training Center allows to develop and deliver world class surface combat systems. ASWTT is a powerful complex training simulator able to prepare ASW teams to be “combat ready” and therefore immediately available to be assigned to operative units; moreover ASW Training it is an invaluable tool to test and develop new ASW tactics. ASWTT may simulate generic real equipments like radars, sonars, combat systems as well as replica man-machine interfaces, faithful simulating the functions and external appearance of the original device.Ship equipment and protection : Magnetic Risk Management, Steering consoles for submarine, Electric Propulsion.
Joint Warfare Training Center is an ECA Group solution allowing multi-level simulation of joint forces operations (Air Force, Army and Navy) for training of tactical proficiency of Division, Brigades, Battalions commanding officers, by the use of virtually unlimited number of scenarios, cubicles, database objects ( weapons, platform, sensors, etc.).
Simulation is based on a 3-D mapping of the battlefield. The instructor can use virtual cameras to have a 3-D view of any object and unit in the battlefield.
Damage Control Simulator allows training in anti-fire and anti-flood operation to enhance crew’s capability to survive to damage sustained by a modern ship. DCS is designed to train the warships’ crews as individuals and in teamwork in the topics related to Damage Control, to develop and strengthen their skills and experiences, to repair damages in various situations.
Acoustic & Magnetic Signatures Management
The Acoustic range for submarines consists of a set of acoustic sensors - hydrophones - generally mounted in a vertical configuration. This vertical antenna allows the operator to perform acoustic measurements at different water depths in accordance with the operational navigation constraints of the submarine. An accurate acoustic positioning system is used in association with the measurement system.
The ECA Group fixed multi Influence range system is a solution engineered specifically to reduce the risk against underwater mines of any vessel of the maritime and defense sector. The Acoustic, Pressure, Magnetic and Electric signatures of the vessels are acquired, analysed and processed through specific softwares having modelling capability in order to assess the risk and then to protect the vessel in operation.