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Royal Navy Type 23 Frigate HMS Richmond Successfully Tested its Seawolf Missile System

Naval Forces News - UK
Royal Navy Type 23 Frigate HMS Richmond Successfully Tested its Seawolf Missile System
The Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Richmond F239 (Duke class) recently tested its Seawolf surface-to-air missiles. The Type 23 frigate destroyed two fast sea skimming targets while on a live firing exercise off the South coast exercise areas, demonstrating the power Royal Navy warships wield.
Advanced infantry training with the M1110 40 x 46mm day/night cartridge
A Seawolf surface-to-air missile is launched from Royal Navy Type 23 Frigate HMS Richmond.
Picture: Royal Navy

An anti-air warfare capability, the Seawolf Missile System allows HMS Richmond to defend herself and other vessels in close company from attack by fast jets and missiles.

Lieutenant Commander Jim Sampson the Weapon Engineer Officer responsible for the performance of the missile system, said: "HMS Richmond is an agile, adaptable, multi-purpose frigate, that may be deployed at short notice in a wide variety of scenarios, she must be ready to defend herself, and protect others at all times.
Video of the launch
“This type of firing proves she is capable of just that - there is no substitute for a live firing to confirm the system is working correctly, and can deal with the latest threats.

"Whilst a lot of preparation goes into a peacetime missile firing, the Seawolf system is always ready to go at extremely short notice.”

The Seawolf missile system provides a vital self-defence capability for HMS Richmond.

If the system were placed in the middle of London, it could track its targets outside the M25 and knock them out the sky somewhere around the North or South circular - and the whole action would last seconds.

The ship’s Gunnery Officer Lieutenant Commander Paul Irving said: “The ship is well trained and well drilled in conducting these types of firings. Great care is taken to ensure their success.”

HMS Richmond
remains at sea undertaking training in preparation for deployment in 2015.
The second contract was awarded by the Department of the Navy, and will encompass work on a new version of the MK 1 66mm grenade specifically designed to be deployed and function over water. This new version of the grenade uses a slightly modified MK 1 design that carries an RP formula optimized for screening small boats operating in “brown water” and littoral environments.
HMS Richmond is a Type 23 frigate of the Royal Navy
Picture: Royal Navy