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ASELSAN to showcase radar systems at DIMDEX 2012

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ASELSAN to showcase radar systems at DIMDEX 2012
SERDAR coastal surveillance radar
ASELSAN’s Coastal Surveillance Radar, SERDAR, has been designed and developed indigenously by ASELSAN. The radar is capable of automatic detection and tracking of above-water naval targets and low-flying airborne targets under all weather conditions, day and night. SERDAR can detect and track targets up to 36 NM range and can simultaneously track up to 250 targets. The Frequency Modulated Constant Waveform (FMCW) transmission technique employed by SERDAR allows for its superior performance and enables substantially reduced output power. Consequently, SERDAR is a Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) radar, which is extremely difficult to be detected by electronic warfare systems. LPI is a vital characteristic for coastal surveillance radars as it enables detection of approaching targets without being detected.
Turkish company ASELSAN will showcase ALPER and SERDAR naval radar systems at DIMDEX 2012, the DOHA INTERNATIONAL MARITIME DEFENCE EXHIBITION in the Qatar National Convention Centre from 26 – 28 the March 2012.
ASELSAN SERDAR can be integrated on stationary ground platforms
(picture: ASELSAN)

SERDAR boasts superior figures in close-range performance, range and azimuth resolution compared to its counterparts in the global market. SERDAR Radar employs invcosec2 antenna pattern and its beam shape can be adjusted according to the height of the radar location. This provides great advantage for the coverage of the shoreline, allowing detection of targets located very close to the shoreline even if the radar antenna is located at high altitudes nearby the shore.

Some of SERDAR’s main features are given below:
  • Automatic target tracking capability up to 250 targets
  • High range resolution
  • Low failure rate
  • Modular design
  • Low antenna side lobe levels
  • Superior close range performance
  • Sector blanking
  • Alarm sectors
  • Built-in test capability (BITE)
  • High durability against harsh environmental conditions

    Visit ASELSAN during DIMDEX 2012 on stand S-309