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STIDD Systems SDV DPD MRCC manufacturer for SOF Diver Propulsion Device Delivery Vehicle Multi-Role Combat Craft Sub Cache Boat Special Forces

STIDD Systems
VDS, DPD, MRCC for Special Forces
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Business Area
STIDD Systems was founded in 1991 as a manufacturer of Government and Commercial Marine Seating. In 1998 it began development of its first Military Submersible. Today its customers include the United States Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, Coast Guard and Coalition Forces.


STIDD Systems, Inc. Occupies a 1.5 acre shipyard with 62,000 square feet of computerized manufacturing facilities, design and administrative offices located on the Greenport, Long Island harbor, approximately 90 statute miles due east of New York City and 16 nautical miles southwest of New London, CT.

STIDD Systems’ facility has been in continuous use as a shipyard since 1831. In World War I, the shipyard built 60 ft. patrol boats, and during World War II, the yard set Navy production records, delivering 440 136 ft. minesweepers and 1100 landing craft with a labor force of 7500 workers on three shifts .

STIDD Systems opened its Surface and Underwater Mobility Training and Evaluation Facility located in Marathon Key Florida in 2003. The “STIDD SOUTH” facility is approximately 47 miles North of Key West and 112 miles south of Miami.

Marathon provides an ideal location for not only conducting sea trials of STIDD’s Surface and Underwater Mobility Platforms but also gives prospective customers and new users a professional environment to evaluate our craft.
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STIDD manufactures innovative Submersible Boat for SOF and Marine Forces. STIDD’s Submersible Boats benefit from the same design, engineering and quality manufacturing techniques that have made STIDD marine seats world famous.

The STIDD Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) is the most widely used two man underwater mobility platform in the world. The Multi-Role Combat Craft (MRCC) is the only craft of its kind that operates on the surface and while submerged.

The DPD and MRCC, used either separately or together as a modular submersible platform, offer the unique combination of both surface and underwater capabilities, providing maritime forces unprecedented options for mission planning and execution.

STIDD’s line of Submersible Boats offer SOF and Marine units new capabilities to counter today’s increasingly asymmetric and unpredictable maritime threat environment.

STIDD Systems
P.O. Box 87 Greenport, NY 11944
Phone: +1 631 477 2400
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Range of Products
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Diver Propulsion Device - DPD
Stidd Diver Propulsion Device DPD 640 001
The STIDD Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) is the most widely used military-grade underwater mobility platform in the world. With hundreds of units in operation by maritime forces, the DPD offers combat swimmers a NAVSEA 9310 certified, ANU listed, underwater mobility system which is proven, fast, robust and reliable.

Multi-Role Combat Craft - MRCC
Stidd Multi Role Combat Craft MRCC 640 001
The STIDD MRCC is an innovative medium-sized, rigid hull, multi-purpose maritime platform quality manufactured in the USA by STIDD Systems, Inc. MRCC offers maritime forces the versatility of fast surface boat, reduced semi-submerged observability, and submerged propulsion all in one proven, reliable platform.
Recon-Navigation System - RNAV2
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RNAV2 Precision Navigation System (p/n 4600-101) is an innovative electronic navigation system that can be either mounted in the DPD to enable precision navigation by combat divers, or without divers for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle (AUV) missions. Additionally, the RNAV2 can be dismounted in seconds for swimming in hand-held mode. In any role, the RNAV2 offers SOF personnel the unprecedented capability of a navigation tool for precise clandestine subsea navigation, mine countermeasures, beach reconnaissance, ship-attack, missions, object identification, and AUV operations.