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FANAL 2012 French Navy Marine Nationale Carrier Battle Group Exercise Charles de Gaulle CVN Rafale Destroyer Frigate Submarine pictures

FANAL 2012
French Navy Carrier Battle Group Exercise


On April 5th 2012, aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle started the FANAL 2012 exercise in the Mediterranean Sea. This exercise involves the entire Carrier Battle Group (CVBG) until mid-April.

In a scenario simulating a crisis situation, the aircraft carrier and the carrier air group (CAG) will be escorted by the Chevalier Paul air defense destroyer , Dupleix and Montcalm anti-submarine frigates, the EV Jacoubet light frigate and Emeraude nuclear powered attack submarine. An Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft is also participating in the exercise.

Objective: To train all of CVBG units to fight together against multiple threats in a realistic and fully operational environment, according to NATO procedures.

For FANAL 2012 ten Rafale, seven Super Etendard Modernisés and two Hawkeyes will form the CAG. The exercise will also be the occasion for sixteen new pilots to achieve their carrier qualifications. After obtaining the technical skills to land by day and night during the previous three weeks, the newly qualified pilots will practice in some tactical reconnaissance and air support missions.

Meanwhile, fire missions as well as anti-submarine and anti-air missions will animate the group. On board the Chevalier Paul, the new Cayman helicopter participating for the first time in major tactical maneuvers, will continue to assess its military capabilities.

To command all the units involved in the exercise, Contre-Amiral (Rear Admiral) Philippe Coindreau, Commander of the rapid reaction naval aviation force, took place at the head of CAG. On board the Charles de Gaulle with a staff of forty people, Rear Admiral Coindreau knows the GAN, particularly for leading the maritime component of the French Forces operations in Lybia from March to August 2011.

"FANAL 2012 is an intermediate step and yet essential to the rise in power of the carrier battle group after its engagement off Libya in 2011 and the ensuing technical stop, said the admiral. Together, we prepare for the training maneuvers planned in the coming months, in joint and combined operations. And we stand ready for any operational commitment that would require our presence. "


All pictures: French Navy/Marine Nationale