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Delivery of Project 667BDRM - Delta IV class SSBN Submarine K-114 Tula Delayed to 2018

Naval Forces News - Russia
Delivery of Project 667BDRM - Delta IV class SSBN Submarine K-114 Tula Delayed to 2018
The handover to the fleet of Project 667BDRM (NATO reporting name: Delta IV-class) Tula nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) is rescheduled from the fourth quarter of 2017 to March of 2018. The schedule is disrupted by faulty products of one supplier of the Zvyozdochka shipyard in Severodvinsk where the boat is repaired. This has been revealed to the FlotProm Internet publication by Yevgeny Gladyshev, the spokesman of the enterprise.
Project 667BDRM Tula SSBN submarine K-114 Tula at a pier of the Russian Northern Fleet's naval base in the town of Gadzhiyevo, Murmansk Oblast.
"The submarine is now undergoing sea trials. The schedule is disrupted because we received off-grade components of essential equipment. The rescheduling has been agreed with the Defense Ministry," Gladyshev reported. The Zvyozdochaka representative did not specify which item proved to be substandard and who has manufactured it.

The expert Andrei Frolov believes that the three months’ delay will not perceivably affect the naval element of "the nuclear triad." "Now in service with the fleet are three Borey- (Project 955), three Kalmar- (Project 667BDR) and five Delfin-class (Project 667BDRM) submarines. We are quite capable of ensuring the naval deterrence with one strategic sub out of service," the said.

K-114 Tula SSBN was built at the PO Sevmash Production Association in 1987. In 2006, the Zvyozdochka Shipyard carried out a medium repair and modernization of the nuclear submarine. In December 2014, on expiry of the between-repair period, the SSBN was again transferred to the Zvyozdochka Shipyard in Severodvinsk for regular maintenance and extension of its between-repairs period.

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