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Morye shipyard lays down Project 22800 Karakurt-class corvette Vikhr

Naval Industry News - Russia
Morye shipyard lays down Project 22800 Karakurt-class corvette Vikhr
The Morye shipyard in Feodosiya laid down another serial Karakurt-class guided missile corvette (small missile boat) of project 22800. The order of Navy Commander-in-chief Admiral Vladimir Korolev was read out at the ceremony which named the vessel Vikhr (Whirlwind), the Russian Defense Ministry said.
Karakurt class corvette small missile boat project 22800 2 A poster from the ceremony for the keel laying of a small rocket ship "Vikhr" (plant number 256) of Project 22800 (c) at the OP Pella ("Shipyard" More ") in Feodosia for the Russian Navy on December 19, 2017.
It is the third corvette of project 22800 built by the Morye shipyard for the Russian navy. The Shtorm and the Okhotsk ships are at various construction stages at the enterprise.

Deputy head of the shipbuilding department of the navy Captain 1st rank Mikhail Krasnopeyev said the laying of the serial Vikhr corvette of project 22800 was made according to the state naval shipbuilding program which envisages the armament of the surface fleet with high-precision weapon carriers.

"The warships of the class can operate both within naval forces and solo. The crews of small missile boats of project 22800 are trained by new programs in the united training center of the Navy," he said at the ceremony.
Karakurt class corvette small missile boat project 22800 1  The first two small missile ships of the project 22800 "Uragan" and "Typhoon", being built for the Russian Navy, are being completed at the Leningrad Pellet Shipbuilding Plant., Otradnoe (Leningrad region), 16.12.2017 (c) Curious /
Russian shipyards are to build close to 30 project 22800 corvettes for the Russian navy in the midterm. They are to replace outdated Molniya-class missile boats of project 12411 and Ovod-class project 12341. In 2017 the lead Uragan warship and the first serial Typhoon corvette were floated by the Pella shipyard. They were laid down on December 24, 2015.

Project 22800 corvettes were designed by the Almaz maritime bureau. They are 60 meters long, 10 meters wide and have a four-meter draft. They are powered by domestically produced diesel-electric engines. Maximum speed is 30 knots, navigation range is 2500 miles and autonomous navigation is 15 days. They are armed with 76mm automatic universal AK-176MA artillery gun and Pantsyr-M antiaircraft missile gun (beginning from the third ship of the series). The superstructure accommodates an 8-cell universal vertical 3S-14 launcher for Kalibr missiles. The main advantages of the corvette are high maneuverability, increased seaworthiness and the hull and superstructure architecture with low reflecting characteristics.

Project 22800 corvettes can defend not only Russian coastal waters but also operate as strategic deterrence as they can fire seaborne 3M-14 Kalibr missiles at ground targets in the depth of the countries that threaten Russia.

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