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Pakistan Navy fleet tanker PNS Moawin conducts first sea trial in Indian ocean

The Fleet Tanker designed and developed by STM for the Pakistan Navy has enteredthe final phase of the programme. Built under the Turkish Defence Industry’s largest ever single naval vessel export project, the Fleet Tanker has completed its first sea trials, which were conducted in the Indian Ocean with great success.

Pakistan Navy fleet tanker PNS Moawin conducts first sea trial in Indian ocean 925 001 The Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker, named PNS MOAWIN

The Fleet Tanker, which has been named PNS MOAWIN, is the brainchild of main contractor STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş., and was built at the Karachi Shipyard for the Pakistani Ministry of Defence Production to meet a requirement of the Pakistan Navy.

The Pakistan Fleet Tanker, Turkey’s largest ever single naval vessel export, has left its mark on history as one of the most unique indigenous projects ever undertaken, and has been a catalyst in the improvement of military cooperation between two friendly and brother countries. The success achieved in this programme has been an important factor in the awarding of STM with the the Agosta 90B Submarine Modernisation Project in Pakistan.

Although it is the first of its kind in its class, and a product with a brand new design together with theproduction data pack and technical support provided by STM, the Fleet Tanker PNS MOAWIN, built at the Karachi Shipyard in Pakistan (KS&EW),managed to complete its sea trials successfully, leaving the Port of Karachi and arriving in the Indian Ocean on March 31, 2018.

Aboard the Fleet Tanker for its first cruise were the crew and Pakistani Shipyard personnel, as well as 30 personnel from STM and a number of representatives from other Turkish companies that are subcontractedto STMin this programme.

PNS MOAWIN continued its sea trials on April 4–5,during which the fleet tanker’s critical systems were tested, even under night conditions–exceedingthe expected performance. PNS MOAWIN returned to the Karachi Shipyard after completing the tests successfully. Although the sea trials of the Fleet Tanker will continue, the results achieved in the first tests are already a source of pride in the cooperation between Pakistan and the Turkish Defence Industry.

The Pakistan Fleet Tanker Projecthas been supported by the devoted efforts and highlymotivated cooperation of the Pakistan Navy and Karachi Shipyard personnel, all of whomhave played a significant role in the programme’s success.

About the Fleet Tanker:
* Designed jointly by STM and the Pakistan Navy to meet the operational requirements of the Pakistan Navy, the Fleet Tanker, which is the first of its kind in its class, weighs 16,400 tons and is approximately 158metres long. It can cruise at speeds of 20 Knots, driven by twoControllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) powered by two diesel engines. The vessel’s electrical power is supplied by four diesel generators.
* The vessel’s Replenishment/Fueling at Sea (RAS/FAS) System allows it to provide support to the combat and auxiliary elements of the Pakistan Navy by replenishing them with such critical materials as fuel, water and ammunition during cruising, increasingsignificantly the operational capabilities of the Pakistan Navy.
* The vessel is incorporated with a helo hangar and landing platformthatallows it to support helicopter operations at both day and night, as well as a fully-equippedsick bay.
* A significant proportion of the construction materialsfor the vessel have been provided by the Turkish subsidiary industry companies that have been involved in the indigenous MİLGEM (National Ship) project.