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Second Project 18280 Reconnaissance Ship Ivan Khurs Completes Baltic Sea Trials

The Ivan Khurs communications vessel of project 18280 returned from the Baltic Sea to Severnaya verf shipyard for dock inspection. In the middle of May the vessel has to begin acceptance trials, Severnaya verf said.

Second Project 18280 Reconnaissance Ship Ivan Khurs Completes Baltic Sea Trials The Project 18280 communication vessel (medium reconnaissance ship) Ivan Khurs, built for the Russian Navy at PJSC Shipbuilding Plant Severnaya Verf, seen here during builder trials in the Baltic.

"During the week before the return to St. Petersburg the Ivan Khurs tested the main power plant, anchors and steering devices, water desalination unit, electronic means, and measured vibration," it said.

The shipyard will inspect propellers, anodic protection, will do some painting and eliminate drawbacks exposed by the trials. The Ivan Khurs is scheduled to begin acceptance trials on May 14-16.

Communications vessel (medium reconnaissance ship 2nd rank) of project 18280 is the biggest Russian ship of the type. Full displacement is 4000 tons, the length is 95 meters and the width is 16 meters. Full speed is 16 knots and the range is at least 8 thousand miles. The crew comprises 131 men. The ship carries light air defense weapons of four pedestal 14.5mm machineguns KPTV and six portable Igla missile launchers (SA-18 Grouse by NATO classification) with guided antiaircraft 9M39 missiles.

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