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ASTIM promotes its C2-THERMONAV DEVS Mk3 naval console

EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - Press Release
ASTIM promotes its C2-THERMONAV Mk3 naval console
Among many other new products unveiled at Euronaval 2016 exhibition in 2016, visitors will find a range of mission systems for naval operations designed and produced by the Italian company ASTIM. The C-2 THERMONAV Mk3, for example, is an new naval console perfectly suited for small and fast boats, patrol aircraft or vehicles involved in coastal surveillance or special operations. 
ASTIM promotes its C2 THERMONAV Mk3 naval consol 640 001ASTIM C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 naval console at Euronaval 2016
The C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 is a solution for dual-use naval missions such as emergencies management or SAR operations. With a complete sensor suite and communication systems, it is an ideal solution for On Scene Commander ship or any other Offshore Patrol Vessel or patrol boats. C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 allows to interconnect many vehicles, vessels, boats, helicopters or drones equipped with the same system or with THERMONAV DEVS Mk3 system.

C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 is a modular and scalable integrated system and allows real-time and net-centric communication and data sharing. It quickly generates data products that are readily available to all users, offering essential information to the operation managers. C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 provides layered protection and supports existing systems and procedures, with turnkey solutions that are modular, scalable, and fully integrated. Elements of C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 for comprehensive protection consist of: situational awareness sensors, C2 console, communication systems, and the appropriate level of effects and responses, spanning spectrum from passive protection and non-lethal defense.

The technology with which C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 was developed is the same used in all the products of THERMONAV family and this allows interfacing to all the most modern military technologies currently in use. Thanks to the radio data link with 4G MESH technology, C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 is able to generate all around the naval unit a broadband radio bubble that allows it to be placed within an operative theatre. The availability of Ethernet interfaces for connections to satellite radios and the collaborative mode which characterizes all THERMONAV systems allow cooperation and exchange of information, data and video in real time among vessels, drones and helicopters.

C-2 THERMONAV Mk3 features i.a. IR/TV with image enhancement, video tracking with perspective Head Up and crosshair, radar/AIS and sonar tracking, Solid State Radar for small target detection, searchlight slaving for Oil Spill Detection, Satellite or Naval cartography, and AES 128 double encryption for communication and video.