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MADEX 2017: LIG Nex1 Showcasing TSLM / Sea Dragon / Haeseong II Land Attack Missile for the 1st Time

MADEX 2017 / Marine Week 2017 - Show News
MADEX 2017: LIG Nex1 Showcasing TSLM / Haeseong II Land Attack Missile for the 1st Time
At MADEX 2017, the International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition currently held in Busan, South Korea, local company LIG Nex1 is showcasing its new Tactical Surface Launch Missile (TSLM) for the first time.
TSLM Sea Dragon Haeseong II LIG Nex1 MADEX 2017Tactical Surface Launch Missile (TSLM) / Haeseong II / Sea Dragon showcased for the first time on LIG Nex1 stand at MADEX 2017.
According to a LIG Nex1 representative, the missile just entered mass production. It is designated Haeseong II in the Republic of Korea Navy (ROK Navy) and Sea Dragon by LIG Nex1.

The TSLM missile was developed in 2011, and from 2016 started being deployed aboard ROK Navy vessels (the new FFX Batch I Incheon-class of frigates) in a variant designed to be launched from "canister" and top side / inclined launcher.
TLSM presentation video (DAPA video)
TSLM may be launched from the existing launchers of the SSM-700K Haeseong (C-Star) Anti-ship Missile. South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced earlier this year that it has completed the development of a TSLM variant intended to be launched from the K-VLS (Korean Vertical Launch System) now fitted aboard all new South Korean surface combatants. Serial production of this version of the missile will be launched in 2018 with deliveries starting in 2019.
Tests of both variants of TSLM (DAPA video)
Talking to Navy Recognition at MADEX 2017, an LIG Nex1 representative confirmed that the Sea Dragon is heavily based on the C-Star anti-ship missile: The two missiles share the same body, turbojet engine and range (Up to 200 km). Even the missile interface in the CIC is similar so technicaly even a PKX-A could strike land targets with it. TSLM guidance system is INS-based using GPS correction. The variant of the TSLM missile for launch from the K-VLS differs from the top side launcher variant by the presence of a more powerful launch booster equipped with thrust vectoring.

According to a DAPA release in April 2017, the TSLM missile is equipped with a submunition warhead with cumulative fragmentation elements, capable of "striking an area covering the equivalent of two football fields". From this it can be concluded that the main purpose of the TSLM missile is to defeat the positions of North Korean artillery and missile systems.
Video coverage of LIG Nex1 TSLM at MADEX 2017