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Euronaval 2018: CABI Cattaneo exhibits its Deep Shadow SDV

At Euronaval 2018, CABI Cattaneo is exhibiting the Deep Shadow. The Deep Shadow is a Swimmer Delivery Vehicle that can transport up to 6 Combat Divers in order to conduct different types of covert and clandestine operations. The inherent flexibility of the vehicle allows it to be equipped with modular systems or payload to fulfill any mission requirement.

Cattaneo deep shadow sdv euronaval 2018 The Deep Shadow at Euronaval 2018

Deep Shadow can be deployed from a surface platform or submarine and can operate day and night thanks to a full suite of advanced sensors. Operated by 2 pilots, it can carry 4 fully equipped combat divers. The available space can be easily rearranged in order to carry mission specific equipment.

The Deep Shadow is 9m long, has a total height of 1,80m and beam of 1,45. It can resist up to 100 meters when attached to a submarine, and go as far as 46 NM @5 knots and can speed up to 8+ knots.

It can deploy remote unmanned devices to increase the range of capabilities. Some of the mission profile that Deep Shadow can conduct are, but not limited to:
-Covert operation of Special Forces and equipment in a litoral environment
-Surveillance and reconnaissance of offshore facilities and infrastructure
-Counter terrorism and counter piracy operations
-Mine countermeasures operations
-Maritime protection

Deep Shadow is a result of advanced knowledge and experience conducted in the field of electric propulsion and systems integration. It is built with a solid composite body with maintenance hatches to ensure both light weight and easy maintenance procedures. Deep Shadow has an integrated cockpit with state-of-the-art sensor suite and an user friendly man-machine interface providing tactical and operational awareness.

Deep shadow is equipped with an autopilot and precise navigation system wich enables safe and accurate underwater steering. High efficiency electric propulsion powered by Lithium Ion battery packs ensures high speed, endurance and reliability. Surface and underwater communications can be fitted based on customer's operational requirements.

An advanced shape and innovative materials form a discrete profile minimizing the possibility of detection. An integrated breathing system can sustain divers during long range navigations. Optional vertical and horizontal thrusters increase the manoeuvrability of the SDV.

Flexibility and modularity allow the rearrangement of the internal space to carry different underwater mission equipment. External containers can be fitted either side of the SDV to increase its payload capacity. A manual or pneumatic mast may be customised to meet specific operational requirements such as positioning and communication systems or optical-stabilized payload. Deep Shadow can be transported inside a standard 40ft ISO containers or deployed from a surface platform, using crane, moon-pool or dock; it could also operate from a submarine or made air-transportable.