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Euronaval 2018: Naval Group comments SMX31 Electric Submarine Concept

For the 2018 Euronaval exhibition, Naval Group imagines future threats, needs and constraints and presents its latest concept ship. To meet the operational needs of the next decades, the design of future submarines requires anticipation and innovation, says the French shipbuilder.

Naval group comments SMX 31 submarine at eruonaval 2018 001 SMX31 submarine concept at Euronaval 2018

Naval Group innovates to push the technological thresholds and reach the unequaled performances required to respond to the future submarine navies' stakes and presents the SMX®31 Electric, the totally stealth, enduring and invulnerable fully electric submarine, capable of meeting the operational challenges of tomorrow. The conception process of this concept ship respected the same demanding requirements of commercial submarines.

The Electric operates freely and safely in an area controlled by an adversary, potentially dangerous for surface vessels or aircraft. It can help navies gather and share valuable intelligence without ever being detected thanks to the powerful acoustic, optronic and electromagnetic sensors. It is capable of acting firmly using powerful new generation weapons. It presents several assets including the extreme stealth when submerged, the increased invulnerability against modern weapons, the energy autonomy and its endurance. Furthermore, the whole combat system and platform management system is fully integrated, benefiting from the latest developments in terms of artificial intelligence, thereby allowing the crew to focus on high added value tasks in order to conduct complex operations.

This innovative initiative is part of Naval Group's identity. As the European leader in naval defense, Naval Group presents its concept ship building on 400 years of experience in conventional and nuclear powered submarine design, and leads the market with more than 100000 tons of submarines to be delivered. On top on conceiving and producing the best submarines on the market, Naval Group enabled countries such as Australia, India and Brazil to build their own cutting-edge submarines through advanced industrial cooperation mechanisms. The precious know-how and unique expertise passed on from generation to generation in Naval Group sites is celebrated at Euronaval.