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Musthane presents latest Mustmove Beach Access system at Euronaval 2018

At Euronaval 2018, Musthane presents its new generation of Mustmove® Beach Access, roll-up connectable mats to prevent vehicles to be bugged in sand or in mud during beaching operations.

Musthane presents latest Mustmove Beach Access system at Euronaval 2018 (Credit: Musthane)

The range, designed and manufactured in France, after several years of research and development and a number of international patents, works effectively with all wheeled vehicles in service in the French army and has successfully come through a French Army Staff Armament Programs Directorate assessment. It is part of the Mustmove® range, offering mobility solutions developed by Musthane for the field of operations.

The French Amphibious Team has decided to upgrade all their equipment exclusively with this very new and unique technology. As a result the whole amphibious EGAME fleet of the French Army is now equipped with this innovative matting system.

Mustmove® Beach Access mats prevent the vehicles from being stuck on the shore during beaching operations. They are flexible, roll-up mats designed with high-resistance textiles coated with a special polymer. The beach access mats are modular and composed of straight sections which can be connected together with a rapid and efficient connect system. As a result the users can prepare their operation by transporting only the necessary length. Mustmove® Beach Access mats are enhanced with a specific “turning section” which allows to create deviations around obstacles. While deployed with automatic deployment reels; the roadway formed with our mats includes turns without the necessity to stop the deployment system and user the operators’ intervention. This feature is one of the very unique and exclusive value added by the matting system developed by Musthane.

Mustmove® Beach Access mats can be adapted to any existing deployment system for plastic or metallic mats.

Mustmove® mats are a result of over three years’ research and development and the elements making up the kit are protected by three international patents. They are part of the Mustmove® range of field of operations mobility solutions by Musthane, thus supplementing the Mustmove® HELIPAD, a mobile, roll-up landing pad for helicopters and rotorcraft drones, Mustmove® DFP, vehicle recovery mats from mud or sand and Mustmove® SIM, a solution to make roads for vehicles, passages for pedestrians and waterproof roll-up tent mats.