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Interceptor DV15 RWS30 fast patrol boat craft CMN Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie datasheet pictures photos video specifications

DV15 RWS 30 Interceptor Fast Patrol Boat
CMN presents its latest spearhead of its range of Interceptors : The DV15 RWS 30.

CMN presents the latest spearhead of its range of Interceptors : The DV15 RWS 30. It is developed from a proven design: the Interceptor family of fast patrol boats, designed for coastal patrol, and missions that require high speed interdiction in littoral waters. The Interceptor DV15 has already been sold to the navies of Yemen, Qatar and the UAE. With this new DV15 RWS 30, CMN offers unprecedented performance and firepower rarely seen for this type of vessels.

The DV15 RWS 30 comes with a gyrostabilized turret equipped with a mount for a 30mm cannon. The turret has a firing azimuth approaching 360 degrees.

With a length of about 16m, the DV15 RWS 30 hull is made of monolithic carbon. With its surface piercing propellers, it easily reaches speeds in excess of 50 knots and has a range of 350 nautical miles at 45 knots. The DV15 RWS 30 comes equipped with modern military communication and combat management systems.

This new interceptor is mainly intended for missions of deterrence, interdiction, prohibition or fight against drug trafficking and piracy.


Interceptor DV15: Early version sold to Yemen, Qatar and UAE. Weapon mounts for machine guns only.
Interceptor DV33: Larger, 33 meters version. Equiped with Anti-ship and SAM missiles. Project.

Technical Data
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Side walls, deck, interior bulkheads and floors: carbon-epoxy / NOMEX / honeycomb / carbon-epoxy
Hull bottom: monolithic composite material
Deep-V hull, Perfect over 50 Knt, Very robust construction, Exceptional lightness

BAE Systems/Bofors LEMUR 30mm Weapon System:

  • ATK 30mm M230LF Chain Gun
  • 110 rounds ready-to-fire + 2x110-round ammo box storage
  • Gyro-stabilised
  • Day, IR cameras, Laser Range Finder
  • Video tracker
  • Tilt corrector
  • Independent LOS
  • Enhanced arc of fire
Sensors, Electronics and Decoys
  • FLIR SeaFlir 230 EO System (Optional)
  • Thales PRG4 Tactical VHF
  • Optional SatCom
  • Raymarine Navigation Suite
  • Command & Control System (optional)
Surface piercing propellers. ZF 335 -A gearboxes. France Hélice SDS4 surface drives.
Interceptor craft
Fast Patrol Boat
3 or 4
Top Speed: 50+ kts
Range: 350 nm @ 40 kts
Endurance: 3 days
Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN)
14.7 tons
2 x MAN R6-800 marine diesel engines
588 kW at 2300 rpm
Length: 16.3 m
Breadth: 3.10 m
Maximum Draft: N/A
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CMN presents its latest spearhead of its range of Interceptors : The DV15 RWS 30.
CMN presents its latest spearhead of its range of Interceptors : The DV15 RWS 30.
CMN presents its latest spearhead of its range of Interceptors : The DV15 RWS 30.
CMN presents its latest spearhead of its range of Interceptors : The DV15 RWS 30.
Pictures - Video
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CMN Interceptor DV15 RWS Fast Patrol Boat