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L-CAT Shore-to-Shore Landing Catamaran Fast Landing Craft amphibious warfare reduced draft dock Ro/Ro Roll-on/roll-off Maneuver Support Vessel Light MSVL SSC Sea to Shore Connector for main battle tank MBT CNIM datasheet pictures photos video specificati

L-CAT Shore-to-Shore
CNIM L CAT Shore to Shore Landing Catamaran Craft top picture
The L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore, manufactured by CNIM, a French company, is a key enabler of stand-alone force projection on a regional scale and is suitable for a long-range amphibious, disaster relief and maritime security operations.

L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore can operate with or without any coastal infrastructure: port, quay, slipway, beach. It has a long range in order to ensure, with full autonomy and independence, a fast deployment of troops, vehicle and equipment from their homeport to the objective. The L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore is tactically autonomous system with its own communication, detection & surveillance systems.

Going beyond amphibious operations, it responds perfectly to current maritime security needs, as well as to civil assistance requirements, such as the evacuation of civilian populations from disaster-stricken areas.
CNIM Systèmes Industriels
35, rue de Bassano
75008 Paris, France
Phone: + 33 (0)1 44 31 11 53
Fax: + 33 (0)1 44 31 11 30
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Technical Data
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Measuring 32.6 meters long and 13.2 meters wide, L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore offers a maximum payload capacity of 100 tons. It can reach speeds of up to 22 knots when empty, and 18 knots when loaded to maximum payload.

L-CAT® is a sea proven design. L-CAT®s are in service in the French and Egyptian Navies. Following the L-CAT® Ship-to-Shore version, this is the 100% “Shore-to-Shore” version.
CNIM L CAT Shore to Shore Landing Catamaran Craft design The L-CAT Ship-to-Shore offers an innovative variable draft system:
» In Catamaran mode, the L-CAT Ship-to-Shore acts as a coastal catamaran. The platform is raised. The catamaran supports the mobile platform.
» In Landing Vessel mode, the L-CAT Ship-to-Shore acts as a landing craft. The platform is lowered into the water and supports the catamaran. The draft is reduced.
» Long Range Operations:
Autonomous force projection in maritime theaters

» Maritime Security:
Presence and intervention capabilities for maritime states

» Humanitarian:
Fast delivery of emergency supplies and deployment of relief capabilities
L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore is a fast and innovative landing craft whose characteristics are adapted to the necessities of modern amphibious warfare :
» Detection & Tactical Communication Capabilities (incl. a Tactical Data Link)
» Self-Defense Capabilities: Remotely operated weapons stations (per client choice) & armor protection to vital areas
» 360° Situational Awareness
» Full autonomy: 800 nautical miles operational range
Sensors, Electronics, Weapons
Several tactical systems may be fitted according to customer requirements such as sensors, RHIB handling systems or remote weapon systems.
Accomodations and Capacities
Wheelhouse: The wheelhouse is of a retractable type for docking purposes.
HVAC: 3 autonomous independent conditioners are provided in crew areas and wheelhouse.
Fuel: 22 m3
Fresh water: 1.3 m3
Black / Grey water: 0.5 m3
Provisions: 2 metric tons
Engine: 4x MTU 12V 2000 M93 engines
Power per engine: 1340 kW@ 2450 rpm
Propulsion : 2x2 steering reversible MJP 650 water jets
Genset: 2 x 80 kVA
Electricity: Standard 60Hz 400 - 440V distribution.
Landing Catamaran
4 to 8 sailors.
French Navy
Maximum speeds (light ship): 22 kts
Cruise speed (loaded): 15 kts
Loaded range: 800 nm (ligh ship: 1000+nm)
Endurance: 1 week
Lightship catamaran: 1.8 m / 5.9 ft
Lightship landing: 0.8 m / 2.5 ft
Fully loaded catamaran: 2.35 m / 7.8 ft
Fully loaded landing: 0.95 m / 3.1 ft
Beaching capacity: up to a gradient of 2%

Designer / Builder
Water jets
Length overall: 32.6 m / 106.9 ft
Beam overall: 13.20 m / 41.3 ft
Beam of hulls: 2.90 m / 9.5 ft
Depth (to main deck): 4 m / 13 ft
Safe working load: 100 metric tons
Clear passage height: 4.7 m / 14.4 ft
Clear passage width: 6.2 m / 21 ft
Truck / car lane: 2 x 28 m / 2 x 72 ft
Loading area: 127 m² / 1367 ft²
Maximum axle loads: 13.1 metric tons /axle
Detailed View
CNIM L CAT Shore to Shore Landing Catamaran Craft 1
CNIM L CAT Shore to Shore Landing Catamaran Craft 2
Pictures - Video
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